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The Law Office of Omar Farooq, PLLC, is experienced in Business Law & Contracts.

Business Law Attorney Omar Farooq

Do you need help with incorporation or setting up a partnership in Jacksonville?

Forming a corporation with shareholders and a board is a complex process. Managing complex tax and legal requirements often requires the services of an attorney.


The Law OffIce Of Omar Farooq, PLLC, can provide expertise in many business scenarios – whether you need help starting or dissolving a business, or drawing up contracts.



Take a proactive approach. Retain an experienced business law attorney like Omar Farooq, Esq. with a financial background and a complex understanding of the many facets of the law.


Legal Services for Business

  • Business Development
  • Corporations/Partnerships
  • Formation/Dissolution
  • Licensing
  • Contracts

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Law Office of Omar Farooq PLLC | Jacksonville Attorney"The way a lawyer is supposed to be…"
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